Looking for Petrol Heads!

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Over the last 13 years in business, we have continued to grow the number of clients, cars, and good times. With that comes the need for more true blood car people.

We are on the search for REAL Petrol Heads that have the skills and the passion to join the one of the top European car shops in the region. We take our craft seriously, but not ourselves. At P3 we have a culture of excellence and a team and client focused mentality.

This is not the corporate jargon you’re used to hearing. This is how we operate everyday with a passion to be better in everything we do.



– Good attitude towards work and team environment.

– Petrol Enthusiast

– Enjoys Learning and expanding knowledge and skills.

– An insatiable drive to do it better.

– Non-smokers preferred

– Sometimes you fill up with race fuel just because you like the smell of it.




Ideal Petrol Head Has:

  • Experience/training in the service/repair of BMW Automobiles
  • Ideally at least a few years dealer experience/training, but should have 5-10 years auto tech experience overall.
  • Strong electrical diagnostic skills
  • Seeks to Improve knowledge/skills
  • German car enthusiast
  • Strong computer skills (P3 is mostly paperless)
  • ASE Certified/other credentials

Perfect candidate will likely:

  • Be able to change a final stage resistor on an E46 with their eyes closed
  • Know what walnuts and intakes have in common
  • Consider a GT1 their best friend
  • Know why a touch of Texaco (or Castrol… depending on who you ask) Red is on the ‘go fast’ ones



POSITION 2: Service Adviser / Customer Interface

Ideal Petrol Head Has:
  • excellent people skills
  • technical sales/service sales experience perhaps former technician and or service adviser
  • ability to explain technical aspects of needed repairs to customers
  • German car enthusiast
  • strong computer skills/previous experience with shop management software.


Perfect candidate will likely:

  • Understand that some owners are A-to-B drivers, and some want to apex everything
  • Knows about variable valve timing, but explain in simple terms ‘we will fix your vehicle’s low power issue by…’
  • Receive a call for service, and build a relationship from minute one; it’s in their DNA
  • Know their way around shop management software, and know how to ‘dial it in’ to be even better.


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